Retail in your salon

Simon Hill from SESH Hairdressing shares his top tips to make your retail area stand out, after it has become an integral part of his business in generating extra revenue.

The last year has been incredibly tough for us and all salons across the UK alike. Retail is one of the aspects of the business we were able to run remotely whilst the salon was closed. That demonstrated to us that you don’t necessarily need face to face communication to be able to sell retail. From this we have found out that clients can be trusting of the information we share when it comes to products. From this, our online shop was born. Clients can now head to our website and buy their favourite in salon products that we will then deliver to them. When competing with companies like Amazon, offering delivery and making shopping as easy as possible is the best way to ensure clients are likely to still shop with you. Since the salon reopened, we notice that when given the option, most clients love to come in and become familiarised with the product before purchasing so it’s still vital to have a great retail space.

In a post restriction world, your retail area set up is crucial in the success of your sales. If clients feel comfortable to browse and wander around, they are much more likely to take their time and think about what to buy. If they feel rushed or cramped, they’re likely to say thanks but no thanks. To make our retail area really stand out we have a bespoke piece commissioned. Our ‘Helium Love Table’ was designed and crafted by local artist and designer, Craig Rae Ferguson. This sits in front of one of our retail displays and gives it a really unconventional edge that our clients just love. It draws attention to that area and entices them to go over and have a look.

At the moment this isn’t as easy as numbers are restricted in the salon and clients have allocated times etc. Therefore, the key is to ensure your team are well versed in all products and ranges and easily able to share lots of information and key points on each product. At SESH we also encourage the team to explain to clients why they are using what they’re using on the client’s hair.  By explaining that a certain product is great for their specific hair type makes them more likely to purchase as the experience is personalised and tailored to them. Our focus is for the team to communicate during the client appointment as prolonged periods of time spent browsing at the retail area is no longer permitted.