Keith Mellen and the Sustainable Beauty Coalition

Keith Mellen, co-owner and managing director of Anne Veck, is proud to be the sole representative of the hairdressing industry to sit on the Advisory Board to the Sustainable Beauty Coalition, a division of the British Beauty Council.

Launched to tackle the global climate change emergency, the SBC aims to help shape an industry that nurtures both the planet and all who live on it.

A fierce advocate of halting climate change, Keith has worked tirelessly to make significant changes to his salon business – so much so that Anne Veck Oxford is the first salon in the UK to be certified carbon neutral, an accolade held since 2019.

The SBC – which is made up of a 10-strong panel, plus the extensive Advisory Board on which Keith sits – will report to the British Beauty Council’s executive board with a view to developing a clear strategy to facilitate sustainability in the industry. From building beneficial relationships and working with the government, to creating stronger frameworks for the UK’s beauty sector, the coalition will work to address the many climate-related changes the industry has created and to respond to the consumer’s desire for more sustainable choices in beauty.

‘Surveys have shown that 95% of consumers believe that their actions can help make a difference to the planet’ says Keith. ‘It is the duty of the SBC, together with the British Beauty Council, to create clearer policies for the industry and to be transparent in the action we are taking in the Race to Net Zero. I am proud to be involved in such an important movement and hope that our message will encourage other hairdressing business to look at the ways they can make a difference.’

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