Goodbye bad hair days with

hbu imageGoodbye bad hair days – are here! Great hair will always be important but with more and more clients wanting to make sure that a hairstylist can create the ‘it’ style before spending their cash, have come up with a clever solution to a persistent problem.


As a good stylist knows there is more to being a hairstylist than just being able to cut good hair – half the battle is raising your profile and getting yourself out there and the recognition you deserve – not always easy if your potential clients are unfamiliar with your work.


London based creators, Junior Uguokor and Terry Igharoro experienced the flip side of the problem – should I let a total stranger cut my hair?


Junior had been visiting the same barber for over 5 years – knowing his stylist could create the style he wanted. Junior said: “My stylist is regarded as one of the best barbers in South London. Unfortunately for me, that meant I was often waiting a long time to get my hair cut. On a good day I will be waiting 2 or 3 hours for a trim. On a bad day it could be all day!”


Needing a shave and a shape up – that should have taken 15 minutes – Junior popped into see his barber. Seeing that the barber shop was busy he wondered if it would be worth the wait.  Looking around he saw another barber in the shop that was free. Junior said: “And in here lay my dilemma – should I just wait and see how long my normal barber would be or should I risk it and let someone new cut my hair? I sat there thinking if there was some way I could see his previous haircuts then maybe I’d have more confidence in him.”


Walking home Junior came up with the idea of He added: “Once I thought about it, it was simple really. If I could create a visual social media directory where it would make it simpler to find rated hairstylists and barbers with pictures of their styles and as a place they could attract more clients through their skills with the scissors then this would benefit both hairstylists and people looking for great hair.”


Junior teamed with Terry to create such a platform and now gives stylists the freedom to manage and upload their own hair images to their own portfolio. also pairs an individual stylist to a potential client’s hairboard based upon the potential client’s style preferences; face shape, hair type, favourite celebrity styles and location, by automatically uploading a matching picture from the hairstylist’s hairboard to the potential client’s hairboard – encouraging a potential client to get in touch with the matched stylist to achieve their desired look.

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