Introducing an online store

Tips for introducing an online store to your business from Salon Owner Marcello Moccia of Room 97 Creative, Leeds and Wakefield.

With clients locked at home for months on end and salons closed, Salon Owner Marcello Moccia from Room 97 Creative, Leeds and Wakefield, saw lockdown as an opportunity to launch an online store – and would recommend any salon owner does the same.

“We had clients ringing us desperate to get hold of their usual products and it was obvious the world of online shopping was being accelerated and the high street was going to suffer. So, we launched our own online store – something I had thought about doing but never got round to it. Launching our own shop really opened my eyes and made me realise how big the world of online retail it is. So, don’t ignore it.”

Here are Marcello’s tips for launching an online store:

1. Do your research – have a look what the big players and your competitors are doing.

2. Don’t do what you like, but instead what your customer will like.

3. Bring in the experts. Barclays helped me with the payment portals, L’Oréal and ghd were great and our developers really knew what they were doing. Work with people who know how to reach consumers.

4. Use your client data – you will be surprised at how much you have which can be used for texts, emails, social and targeted marketing.

5. You need to invest money to hire people who know what they are doing. It is not something you can do yourself; you need to bring in experts in their field.

6. An online store is for more than just your clients but other people’s clients as well. For us it has opened up a whole world of new opportunity.

7. Add value when you can – the biggest drive is cost, so keep your pricing competitive.

8. Invest time and money as it grows, and you will reap the rewards.