Life lessons

What did the pandemic teach us about the importance of social media and how can we use this lesson going forward to capitalise on the significance of Instagram and other social platforms?

Sarah Hartley, Salon Marketing Coach and owner of @blossomtreesocial

Since the pandemic, so many more people are online, so it is really important that your business is consistently showing up across a range of social channels. Most people will check you out on social media before they book in with you. Having a clear strategy and goals in place will help attract more of your ideal client. Decide exactly what you want to achieve, stay focused, build your content around the client and test. Don’t give up – keep checking your insights to see what is working the best for you and what isn’t. You need to think of your social media accounts as another way of creating excellent customer service, so be social on your socials and your business will thank you for it.

Anna Khanna, Founder of Socialista

The pandemic taught us so much about how a professional, engaging social media platform can help keep you connected with your client base. For so many, contact with clients became impossible; the only way you could continue to reach them was through social media. This lit a fire for so many business owners. There had never been a better time to get their social platforms in order and create a plan of action moving forward. The businesses that spent time focusing on their social media now understand the true importance of consistency and dedication to their pages, they have been able to adapt and continue business success through technology! It’s never too late to capitalise on the importance of social media for business. By understanding just how easy it is to reach a much wider audience from your phone, businesses can turn this ‘phone time’ into custom, bookings and profit.

Darcey Clarke, Senior Stylist and member of the Schwarzkopf Collective Team

The pandemic taught us that communication can be through ways other than just face to face. To make use of my time in lockdown productively, I took to social media to produce videos and tutorials that would help my clients and my followers in order to keep their hair looking great and feeling fabulous, even in lockdown. I’m still to this day producing videos on my social media platforms in order to do that exact same thing. 

Without the use of social media, my videos wouldn’t have reached their full potential. I invested time in my social presence and across my accounts, I collectively have a following of over 27,000 followers with video views of over 4 million now. Without the acceleration in the pandemic for the use of social media, there is no way I would ever have that kind of reach socially.

A lesson to take from the pandemic is that Instagram and other social media platforms must be used to your full potential to reap the results for your business in the long run.