Making socials simple

It’s no secret that social media has become indispensable for businesses to connect with their audience and showcase their talents as beauty professionals. In this month’s Guest Column from SimplyHair’s Social Media Guru, Brad Williams, we explore the power of social media and how it can take your business to new heights.

We’ve all heard of overnight sensations and instant-influencers as a result of a viral post or trend, but let’s explore the different uses of Instagram and TikTok and how you can best benefit as a professional in one of the most competitive industries in the world.



  • Portfolio Showcase

Instagram allows you to create an online portfolio with high-quality images and videos where you can highlight your unique style, transformations and innovative techniques. By sharing your work consistently you can attract potential clients who are seeing the expertise you offer.

  • Behind the scenes

Instagram stories are a great opportunity for you to take your followers behind the scenes of your business and give them a glimpse into your creative process. Unlike your grid posts, you can show a raw version of your day-to-day tasks, offering tips and tricks whilst engaging through polls, quizzes and Q&As. There’s a great opportunity for you to build a community through engagement, which ultimately leads to trust from your followers helping you to secure their bookings.

  • Collaborations and influencer marketing

Instagram provides a space for collaboration with other professionals and influencers. If done right, partnering with influencers who have an engaged following can expose your services to a wider audience, and by featuring influencers on your profile you can demonstrate your expertise and gain credibility within the industry.



  • Education

TikTok offers a platform for quick and engaging tutorials. Sharing bite-sized videos that demonstrate unique techniques, product recommendations and DIY tips, is a great way to grow an engaged audience. The more information you can pack into a 30-second video the better. By creating educational content you position yourself as an authority in the industry and attract a loyal following.

  • Engagement

TikTok is also great for engagement, you’ll often find that one video will lead to another. With the younger demographic comes a community aspect like no other – respond in the comments, reply with videos and keep the ball rolling. The longer you can stay on someone’s ‘for you page’ the better.

Both Instagram and TikTok offer unique opportunities for beauty professionals, and incorporating both platforms into your social media strategy can provide a well-rounded approach that caters to different audiences. Experiment with different content formats, engage with your followers and ultimately, get creative having fun doing what you do best.