The Creative Space, Faversham

Introducing a unique and inspiring experience, The Creative Space is an innovative salon for freelance co-working, bringing together a collective of talented hair artists, aesthetic experts, and educators. Their unique talent combined, produces a haven where clients can unwind and creatives can ignite their passion.

Nestled in the tranquil surroundings of Monkshill Farm, is a salon like no other: The Creative Space. Education is at the soul of the innovative salon, meaning that all the staff are continually developing their skill and this passion for learning is driven by Hayley Edwards.

Her career in hair artistry pans back seventeen years and her knowledge has made her a pioneering figure within the industry, she enjoys sharing this knowledge with others at the Creative Space. Hayley’s love and joy for the art of hairdressing are evident, making the Creative Space an ideal destination for those seeking to enhance their skills and stay ahead of industry trends.

Another member of the team, Christopher Wise, is an experienced and passionate hair artist too. He joined The Creative Space a year ago, and has seamlessly transitioned into an educational role since, helping others to elevate their talent in the art. Together, Hayley and Christopher bring their expertise to the forefront. As a team they present events for stylists – a perfect space to network and share ideas to develop skills and inspire one another.

The Creative Space is not just a salon; it’s a nurturing environment for future professionals in the hair and beauty industry. With an evolving and talented line up of hair artists, aesthetics experts, and educators, it serves as a hub of creativity and inspiration. Working amongst like-minded and passionate individuals creates a buzz throughout the space, continually advancing creatively as one.

The unique business model at The Creative Space not only delivers incredible results for its customers from talented stylists, but it seeks to help other stylists to fall in love with the artistry of hairdressing. In the hectic and competitive world of hairdressing, this real passion can often get lost, but at The Creative Space this is what they prioritise. From precision cuts to creative colours that express individuality, the talented team at The Creative Space will focus on bringing a client’s vision to life through a supportive community of education, inspiration, and passion.

Amongst fierce competition in the salon industry, having a clear and consistent aesthetic is paramount to standing out. At the Creative Space, they found that SimplyHair’s range has helped to maintain this professional aesthetic throughout their salon by using their coloured tools to match their brand.

“We understand that the ambience and overall visual appeal plays a crucial role in creating an unforgettable experience for our valued clients. That’s why we love SimplyHair, a renowned supplier of premium salon tools. We use their foils, tint brushes and aprons to elevate our salon aesthetic to new heights”, said Hayley.

The Creative Space uses SimplyHair tools to showcase a seamless fusion of exceptional salon tools and skills, with a well-defined aesthetic.

“The combination of high-quality foils, precise tint brushes, and stylish aprons, not only enhances the hairdressing process, but also creates a visually cohesive and captivating environment for our clients. Every detail, from the tools we choose to the atmosphere we create, is meticulously selected to ensure that the experience at The Creative Space is truly extraordinary”, added Hayley.