NEW PRODUCT: Elemis Biotec

elemisFor the first time ever, British beauty brand Elemis has delved into the advanced skincare arena with the launch of its new hi-tech Biotec machine. Combining the science of advanced bioelectric therapy and high-potency actives with its unique hands-on techniques, the launch has led to a “new generation of facials”.


The machine boasts five hands-on technologies, including ultrasonic, micro-current and galvanic, that stimulate cellular performance for instant and long-lasting results. The brand is now offering a menu of seven new Biotec facials that promise to improve fine lines and skin tone, banish blemishes, tighten the cheeks and jaw line and rejuvenate ageing skin.


“Elemis Biotec marks a turning point for Elemis,” says Noella Gabriel, director of product and treatment development. “Today’s consumer wants more from their treatment; they want fast, visible results. I’ve spent two years developing Biotec with experts across the world. The resulting treatments combine scientific expertise, fusing a whole new technological experience with the very best of our hands-on therapy to offer something I genuinely believe delivers the best of both worlds.”
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