New hair styling company, PonyRevolution, just announced the launch oftheir brand and flagship product PonySecret, an innovative silicone hairstyling tool that is used to give ponytails a voluminous boost instantly,effortlessly and most importantly, without damaging the hair. 

The family owned and operated brand is launching on November 17th withthe release of their flagship product the PonySecret, but the product hasbeen in development since early 2021. Founded in London by co-foundersEtienne, Marwa and Nedra, the aim was to create a brand with inclusivityand empowerment at the core of its beliefs. The PonySecret has damage-free hairstyling at the forefront of its patented design. 

PonyRevolution is unlike many hair-styling brands we’ve seen before. Theyaim to create products that simply enhance your hair’s beauty, rather thanadapt and alter it through the use of heat, treatments, or other potentiallydamaging alternatives. The simple yet highly effective PonySecret is easy touse, and portable in case of any ponytail emergencies while you are out andabout. 

They are a brand that is bold in their approach to creating a product that canbe used and loved by many. This is clearly displayed through their decision todevelop a range of shades for the new PonySecret silicone hair styling tool,to blend in seamlessly with any hair colour. The range is currentlycompromised of four main shades, including Black, Brown, Blonde andGinger. 

If you’ve ever worn a ponytail, you know the struggle of keeping it lookingluscious and volumized for hours throughout the day or night. ThePonySecret has well and truly solved that problem, and offers a simplesolution that will save you time, money, and potential damage to your hair.