Sent from heaven

World-renowned for result driven therapies and iconic bee venom products, Heaven Skincare was founded by Deborah Mitchell more than 27 years ago. It has since become a multi-million pound empire and a firm favourite with a-list celebrities and royals.

How did Heaven Skincare start? 

I suffered from severe acne and struggled to find products that were suitable for my skin. I signed up for a beauty course and became a mobile therapist. I started mixing essential oils into various creams for me and then my clients, and Heaven Skincare was born.

It was important from the start that my products were completely natural, so I used organic ingredients whenever and wherever I could. I have always been able to think outside the box. So long before it was a “thing”, I was one of the first people in the industry to move away from nasty chemicals.

What advice would you give a budding beauty entrepreneur? 

Before you start, write down what you are prepared to lose and if that is ok with you then go and do it. Remember, don’t expect miracles – nothing happens overnight. But for every low point there’s always an equal high.

You’re renowned for using innovative ingredients. Where does your inspiration come from? 

If I see a client who has a specific skin complaint my first reaction is “how can I fix that?” The idea usually comes first and then I work out how to make it a reality. This involves lots of problem solving because sometimes the ingredients I imagined may not work together.

Take bee venom, for example. I started mixing the venom with fresh honey because this had been used for centuries for its healing properties, but it was very sticky to begin with. After a few tweaks, I made it more like a face cream and now most of my clients use it as a moisturiser.

Do you still treat clients at your salon in Shifnal? 

I still work on the counter and carry out treatments. I have the privilege of meeting my customers day to day and I love seeing how my products or treatments make life better for them. My skincare is best known for being innovative and instant, and the fact that I have a long list of celebrity and royal clients is testament to this. I take a holistic approach and combine my facials with visualisation and relaxation techniques. 

Heaven Skincare recently moved to a new HQ, how has that helped grow your business? 

Because of increased demand, we have been able to transfer all our operations to a new base in Telford. We now offer the Heaven Training Academy, your clients want great result fast and that’s exactly what my treatments do. We can offer therapists the chance to learn my facials as well as aesthetics with our in-house experts. We can tailor your training so that you can meet your own customers’ needs while treating them to a little slice of Heaven.