Stand out nails

You’ve probably heard of F.O.X Nails, renowned for their highly pigmented gel range and luxury gold bottles. If you’re not so familiar, don’t worry, in this exclusive Q&A below with Natalia Zduniuk, nail technician and official F.O.X distributor we explore the brand and how it can elevate your salon’s nail services. 

  Please introduce us to the brand and the benefits it can offer a salon.

F.O.X Nails was founded in 2014 in the Ukraine and has become one of the industry leaders on the market. In 2019, F.O.X received an EU 2963564 certificate- an international quality standard for cosmetic products. Our products successfully passed tests in 36 fields, becoming the first Ukrainian company to receive an international quality certificate of such level.

We constantly improve our products to ensure that even the most demanding nail technician find everything necessary for easy and high quality work with nails.  

–  What makes F.O.X Nails stand out from its competitors?

F.O.X products have been intentionally designed to create perfect coverage in just one layer. That way, we help nail technicians save time. Less layers mean that nails look natural and are not thick. High pigmentation of gel polishes means a lot of our customers use gel polishes for nail art- saving money is important as well as saving space. Most importantly, who wouldn’t like a gold and black bottle on their shelf? It’s a little bit of visual luxury.

   What are some of your favourite features of the F.O.X Nails product range?

Our favourite feature of F.O.X Nails is the whole of the Spectrum Collection. It’s hypoallergenic, highly pigmented and covering in just one layer. In the UK, we personally test products they’re available on our website

Personally, I love Jelly Gel for a new set of extensions as it doesn’t flow into side walls and cuticles, giving plenty of time to work for new nail technicians.

   What does the future of F.O.X Nails look like?

We are currently working with a few independent teachers to provide accredited courses for new starters and those who want to improve their skills. Face to face courses are currently available in Swindon and Coventry, however we are hoping to have more locations available soon.

Furthermore, for those who prefer online settings, we are planning on creating a platform of courses where nail technicians can learn how to work with the brand. At the same time, we are constantly releasing new products for you and your clients to enjoy.

   How can our readers work with F.O.X Nails?

F.O.X products are available on but can also be found on Facebook @foxnailsuk and Instagram @f.o.x_nails_uk

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