Staying on top with Tyl

Managing the rush this Christmas for your most successful festive season so far.

After two years of uncertainty with pandemic restrictions, cancelled appointments and limited festive celebrations and parties, hair and beauty salons can finally prepare to reap the full rewards of the seasonal rush once more. And with Christmas and New Year’s Eve being the two most profitable times of the year, according to market research from the NPD group, it is essential for salons to be prepared to make this December the most successful yet!

Managing the Christmas rush with pre-booking and analytics

Often there is a sudden panic and rush for last minute appointments, leaving some customers disappointed when unable to book. By promoting your pre-booking services you’re not only able to fill your appointment book, but you will also have happy, party-ready clients!

To make sure you are on top of bookings and finances, it is essential to be equipped with the right resources and tools to manage your inventory and staff. The Tyl portal allows you to pre-empt peak booking times and slots, helping you to prepare and decide when to increase staffing to meet the customer demand.

Putting customer experience first

The Tyl portal also allows you to manage product and equipment inventory. By providing you with the insight on what treatments were booked most last year, you can use this data alongside pre-booking’s to predict what stock you will need to order to meet customer demand. This ensures you are always able to offer clients the service they want along with the best customer experience.

In the Christmas rush, customers are often looking for an escape from the festive madness and external stresses. It’s always important to maintain a high level of customer service, offering customers a pleasant and relaxing experience, but remember that this extends all the way to the point of payment. By ensuring payment transactions are quick and staffing is managed and aligned with bookings, customers will have a smooth experience without queues for tills or seats.

Giving your customers a Christmas gift

Make sure to also consider offering clients promotional deals this Christmas and New Year. As a salon that offers than more than one service, offer clients a little extra this holiday season with combined beauty and hair service offers or an incentive for a follow up treatment in January when business might start to get quieter. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the times for glitter and glamour, so be sure to up-sell festive add-ons whether that is extra nail art and glitter or an up-do!

People are on the hunt for last-minute gifts for friends, family and colleagues – so don’t forget to have retail offerings including gift vouchers and Christmas gift sets. Strong festive gift options and promotional deals are always a clever way to up-sell to clients, boosting profits where possible around Christmas.