Wahanda Partner Spotlight : Czaro

Wahanda prides itself on helping businesses in the health and beauty industry to grow to their potential, offering simple but effective ways to fill appointments and increase revenue. Boutique salon Czaro is one of those businesses; the salon has had a listing on Wahanda for just over a year and recently started using the Wahanda Connect system, already to immense success.

“Wahanda Connect has helped to drive business, [as] online shoppers want to use a system to expedite the shopping experience. The faster and easier they can locate the service they are looking for and book an appointment, the more likely they’ll buy from us. Wahanda Connect does just that. In the first week of using Wahanda Connect we experienced a much higher volume of online bookings.” Sav Elia, Director of Czaro.

As a Premium venue listing, Czaro has a featured profile, creates Spotlight Offers and accepts Wahanda vouchers – covering all potential revenue sources in one fell swoop.

Sav explains, “As we are a relatively new business, Wahanda has helped generate many new clients, 15-20% of which are returning clients. We tried other sites, but we found that the vast majority of Wahanda customers were of a higher caliber, and were genuinely searching for a highly recommended and reputable salon as opposed to one-off customers looking for a cheap deal for a one-off visit.”

Through working with Wahanda, Czaro have improved both their online presence and search engine optimisation, whilst also enjoying the ‘reviews’ feature which encourages new clients to try them out.

“For us, Wahanda is a cool, exciting and rapidly expanding brand, with new ideas, always striving to be bigger and better, and at the forefront of the online health and beauty industry.”

Czaro is just one of many success stories that Wahanda has played a pivotal role in. Premium accounts are seeing 50% more revenue generated and 23 times more traffic compared to those not using the online marketplace. What’s more, suppliers are seeing a 75% increase of visits just three weeks after signing up – a sure sign that Wahanda’s set to revolutionise the industry.