Clear for close-up

Daylight magnifiers provide the clarity you need for outstanding results, with crystal clear magnification and brightly balanced lighting.

The Daylight Company’s innovative products make close-up detailed techniques such as those for nails and facials easier, and reduce eye strain.

The ergonomic, stylish and professional design of the D25110 Omega 5 Magnifier features colour matching bright LEDs for detailed work and design, with control over fine detailing with two brightness levels. It has an effortless free-motion arm and head joint with a wing nut to hold any position, and a maximum reach of 115cm.

The new D25130 Omega 7 Magnifier features 60 daylight-balanced LEDs for detailed work. It has a large lightweight acrylic lens, and with its aesthetically pleasing white/grey finish, it fits perfectly within any environment.

Daylight’s D25120 Quadra Magnifier has an extra wide rectangular glass lens, which provides a superb panoramic view. High power 6,000°K daylight LEDs on both sides of the lens give shadow-free magnification, and each side can be independently turned on or off to give 3D viewing.

Every nail or beauty professional could benefit from a Daylight Company magnifier, for full details visit